Girls Mountain Getaway...Part 6

We woke up to the chore of packing, and the task of fitting it all back in our convertible.  The climbing up and down both flights of stairs during this chore had Jody’s thighs screaming! Lol!!!  She kept saying that Bob Newhart is screaming in her head, “Stop It!”  (That isn’t really what he meant on that video!)  Then we, sadly, with moist tears in Gretchen’s eyes, pulled out of the cute little town, to make our way back to Oklahoma and to the 107 degree weather, sigh!!!  

The highway going from Eagle’s Nest to Cimmaron had been closed each afternoon due to mudslides.  That was exciting because that meant rain had been occurring each day we were in Red River. This rain would result in higher water levels of the river coming out of the mountains.  When we came to that area of the highway, we made so many stops to take photos and enjoy His majestic creation.

Gretchen decided that the best views came from being in the river!  So she did just that…she got in the river, almost knee deep in places, and got some great pictures!  Jody couldn’t decide if it was more fun taking pictures of her stumbling through the river or the beauty around us.  (This is Gretchen here…I just have to say that the water temperature was cold, the current fairly strong and there were many different sized rocks under my flip flops!  Also, the pictures with my purse over my shoulder is because I had to travel out of sight of the convertible, and having the valuables, not necessarily money, stolen out of it would have been a big issue.  In addition, I would like to add that Jody chose to stay safe and secure on the shore! #funsucker)

The Lord had spoken to us all week through butterflies, about transformation and gentleness. He did not fail today with bringing us many, as we made stops along the river! When we got to the end of the Carson National Forest, we were greeted with the sad reminder that they are in a severe drought, and thousands of acres have been lost to recent forest fires.  You could still smell the charred ashes in the air.

Our next stop was the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas.  On our way we acquired a can of orange spray paint from Isaac's Hardware, which was established on Main Street of Clayton, NM in 1898.  Jody had never been to the ranch, even though she had lived in Amarillo for a short time.

When we pulled up, she said, “We have to climb a barbed wire fence?”  I guess she didn’t really believe Gretchen, when she told her some guy buried cadillacs nose down in a wheat field along Route 66!  Thankfully, they had created an entrance to keep us from climbing their fence! There were a lot of people parked along the side of the highway to leave their mark on the cars!  

Spray paint in hand, we made the hot, windy journey to leave our mark on this unique piece of art.  We were very aware what we were about to do would only last a very short time before another layer of color would conceal our names.  Gretchen’s Dad, Charlie says, “Infamous for a while.” We both chose not to write our birth names, but instead one of our new creation names - our white stone names!!  Gretchen…”The Chosen Pearl” and Jody…”Redeemed”!  

Jody felt it was important to write this particular white stone name, symbolizing taking back the land the enemy stole during her short , but tough, journey living in Amarillo.  She even wore her shirt “Jesus loves this hot mess!”...fitting, huh!?

As we approached Oklahoma City, and we have to return our fun car, we are very thankful for many things...a deep friendship, Jesus time in the mountains, the sound of the Red River as it makes its way over the logs and rocks, cool air, a sexy convertible, and the opportunity for this trip, hoping it is the beginning of many more.  

We hope you have enjoyed being a small part of this mountain getaway!  


Written by Gretchen Cannon and Jody Brown

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