Girls Mountain Getaway...Part 4

The adventure for today was wide open!!  Nothing was on the schedule and options awaited us!  So much for sleeping in again...we decided that a morning drive back through the mountains west of Red River was a must!  It is the most beautiful of all the drives near the little mountain town, and we wanted to relish it, embrace it, and soak up the things God had created!  

So with the top down and the music loud, we began taking in all of the different formations the mountains had to offer!  This was the same path we had taken the day before on our way to our many destinations, and there were things we’d said that we wanted to stop and take in!  

Our great friend, Amriel, had sent us a Marco Polo requesting that she get a view of the mountains, the sounds of our singing, (I know, crazy, huh!!??) and our faces in the wind!  So we took her on a journey of the mountains as best we could! We even sang a couple of songs to her via Marco Polo that we sent on to Jeremy and Gavin as worship team auditions (which we don’t even have at Grace Church, but we thought it was great to share it with them anyway, lol)

There was this one particular mountain we were both fascinated with!  It looked like, many feet up, that it almost hung over the road. And right there, in that area, was a rope dangling on the side of the rock, just waiting for someone to take the challenge of scaling the face of the mountain.  We knew that would not be us, but we had a great time getting pictures of it and talking about what in the world it would be like!

There was a boulder that had fallen, sitting on an incline nearby. Jody talked me into climbing it, so that she could take a picture, and so that we could see how I was doing with the fear of heights, after conquering the fear of being on the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge the day before.  Well, needless to say I didn’t make it far!! I had on my flip flops, which wasn’t the best, but the ground below my feet was so rocky and completely loose and unstable. Little did we know, the next day, we would totally experience the instability of their soil!!!

We had a gorgeous time driving and being us!  On the drive back into town, I realized I hadn’t shown Jody many of the activities to do nearthe river, except right in front of our townhouse.  So I took her around to the mountain tubing area, ropes course, zipline, ski lifts, and the east end of town where the river was. When we pulled up into this drive, she was not too sure about what I was doing because there was a no trespassing sign.  I assured her she had to see the river from this angle. She was not disappointed at all.

As she was on the banks taking pictures, she had the thought...what if a bear jumped out right now.  At that same moment, she heard an animal behind her and turned to see. It was a deer eating the bushes,and she freaked!  It was so close. She could not get over how the wildlife was so used to people and the life of this peaceful town.

We went back to the townhouse, and spent the rest of the day doing things that we love to do together...digging into the scriptures and talking about revelations Holy Spirit shows us in them!!  We worked on building Discovery Group content, and hearing what He wants to say to the body of Christ, in the area of our original design in Genesis.  

Later that evening, we walked through town browsing shops, and went to eat dinner at the local Mexican restaurant.  The company was definitely better than the food and service, but the fudge awaiting us back at the house was worth it!!  We spent time with Holy Spirit and digging into The Word until the wee hours of the morning. It is so refreshing to feel the mountain air sweep through the windows, while the breath of His Spirit nourishes your soul!!  We were made for this life!!!


Written by Gretchen Cannon and Jody Brown

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